Lord Neil Benjamin
SEED Foundation – What Does It Take To Become A Member?
A prospective member must have a business, business experience and the desire to perform international business. Initially, the candidate must have some sort of financial capability or the ability to obtain it in an allowable, legal fashion, even though the SEED will be able to assist companies in this area with one of its associates. The most important asset, however, is a candidate’s concern with the global human condition at large. A candidate must be prepared to work hard and share one’s knowledge, experience and resources for the betterment of everyone. You must understand that it is not wrong to make money by helping others, though there is grievous wrong in accumulating money at another’s expense and detriment. A prospective candidate must understand that the world is shrinking and the seemingly distant concern of your foreign neighbor today will be your problem tomorrow. The SEED is there to act as a safeguard, a joining entity to ensure a strong, viable marketplace under the right conditions. All people of the world must be healthy, sound, housed, educated and able to appreciate the opportunity to conduct business. It is extremely important for businesses to be sure they understand these points and are not involved solely to make more profit. If companies do not commit to strengthening the health, wealth and well being of the people of this world, then we, as businesses, will soon run out of customers. Membership in the SEED does not guarantee profit or success, just the best opportunity under the best possible conditions. Membership in the SEED initially places a business in the most advantageous position possible and guarantees entrees at the right level wherever needed. SEED membership also guarantees your business is never alone and your company will have every support available to conduct legal business. Approved membership opens doors to financial enhancements under conditions normally unavailable to the business community, unless the business itself is financial, and will provide the lowest ultimate cost in starting your international business activities. Finally, membership in the SEED will provide the most profit available and prove to be the best move your business ever makes. There are no doors closed to the SEED.

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