Lord Neil Benjamin
SEED Foundation – Who Can Become A Member?


The SEED admits businesses of all sizes, expertise and experience. The SEED will look at businesses of all types, large or small. A company does not necessary require international experience to ascend to the international arena, just demonstrate the desire and commitment to expand. Upon acceptance, members will be given detailed guidelines. This diversity of expertise and perspective allows the SEED a broader wealth of membership to deal with almost any project or situation. Once membership has been solidified, members are directly introduced to a specific situation, a situation tailored to their expertise and experience, by the SEED. Members are not, however, allowed to present themselves as members of the SEED on an individual basis to procure a project. In order for a member to claim membership to SEED while pursuing business, the member must have the endorsement of the SEED. Advertising services for projects, as members of SEED without SEED approval will be both ineffective and dishonest. The reason behind this stipulation is far reaching, but, simply stated, SEED will know the total need of the situation, the areas in need of the most help and how your professional resources may be invested most efficiently and faithfully. The SEED will initially determine which company works in a particular area. When the project is first presented it is the responsibility of the SEED to set the market in motion. Members are required to follow the lead, not create the market. Once the market in the area has been established, however, members are welcome to create competition with the initially sanctioned SEED Company or add to the availability of products and services. Endorsement is required to initiate a project, though members do not require approval to advertise themselves as members while providing competition or variety to the market. This also ensures the initial survival of the endorsed company is based on their performance and not the size of the market condensing due to a saturation of companies within the same market. When an area becomes saturated with businesses competing within the same market, the presiding government is usually compelled to enforce regulations over the market, which may lead to problems. Over regulation is a common barrier hindering perspective businesses from entering the international arena, augmenting the cost and knowledge required to successfully coordinate an international project. The SEED facilitates an easier transition for the company by initially endorsing only one member so that the resources required to enter the market and successfully produce are minimal. Thus, companies with little or no international experience and exposure are able to enter into an international project much more easily, for less money. The SEED would be in the position to monitor the market and other pending situations at the senior level and assist in compliance, which would ultimately decrease the amount of added regulation, delay and expenses to do business. Simultaneously, the SEED would be able to learn from isolated mistakes and circumstances in order to alert similar projects elsewhere of any possible problems and convey ways to effectively avoid them.

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