Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Neil Gibson The Target Of Online Belizian Slander Campaign
examiner-logoRaymond Santopietro of the Las Vegas Internet Business Examiner has written a new article regarding the Belizian slander campaign: There has been a social media explosion over the past week involving a Las Vegas based business man named Lord Neil Gibson and the allegations of wrongdoing with regards to the election of Ralph Huang as Standard Bearer to the Cayo South District in Belize. This campaign has reached even as high up as accusations against the Minister of Trade and Investment Erwin Contreras. There seem to be several sources as to the majority of the discussion, but the most prominent and notable source is a news station called Channel 5 Belize and the associated website which has run several biased opinion pieces like the following http://edition.channel5belize.com/archives/96077 while positioning them as vetted news. The real discussion to be undertaken involves the following factual items that have been supported and verified by all parties involved, including Channel 5 Belize. Gibson vocally and transparently supported the election of Huang for Standard Bearer, quoting on his own websites and public spaces that Huang "is a friend of mine and the right person for the job." Huang also verified his friendly relationship with Gibson in several interviews, having never denied Gibson's support for his campaign. Additionally, there have been several accusations of impropriety regarding several websites that were operated as discussion boards involving issues with regards to Belize, one under the url centralbankofbelize.com and one under the url channel5belize.org. Both these websites have been brought into question and used by the above named news organization to support claims of impropriety on both Gibson's and Huang's part, going as far as to involve Contreras in the discussion as to the election of Huang being somehow suspect. It is quite apparent that either the Channel 5 Belize news organization as a whole, or some individual within the organization itself, is utilizing the airwaves as well as multiple social media sites like Youtube, Facebook and others in order to attempt to throw the election of Huang and his involvement with Gibson into question, the most obvious motivation being political gain or the defeat of a candidate they supported. To address the facts that have been circulated and twisted in order to cause doubt on the validity of the election or the relationship of Huang to Gibson, there is nothing illegal or improper whatsoever for a business man to support and contribute towards to election of a candidate he favors. Huang never attempted to hide his relationship with Gibson, or deny that there were contributions to his election campaign. Allegations of corruption must come from the potential contribution to a campaign in exchange for some favor or other improper action in order to be valid and substantiated, and there has been no evidence presented in any capacity that there has been any promise made to Gibson of any kind by Huang in exchange for his support. Until Channel 5 Belize can produce such evidence, their allegations of corruption must be called into question and their motivations must be scrutinized. You can read the rest of the article HERE.