Lord Neil Benjamin
Lord Gibson Goes Viral
ralph-huangRecently in the small Central American Country of Belize, one of the local elections has been getting some international attention. So we at the Belize News Network, BNN, have decided to take a look at this and see what is going on in the Jewel of the Caribbean. Recently the United Democratic Party, currently the party in power in Belize and one of the 2 major parties, has held their convention to elect Standard Bearers for their party and to plan for the upcoming federal election in less than 4 years. One of the constituencies is Cayo South which begins at Esperanza and runs east to St Matthews and north to Valley of Peace and south to Armenia. One of the largest constituencies in Belize. 3 candidates were running to see who would be the representative for the UDP in Cayo South. Among these candidates was Ralph Huang, a longtime resident of Georgeville which is in Cayo South. Reported as one of the largest turnouts ever for the convention, Huang proved victorious getting over 60 percent of the votes. This seems to have stirred up some issues with some of the people in Belize. Accusations on social media have run amuck. One of the main issues that keeps popping up is Huangs association with a Lord Neil Gibson. Huang admits to campaign contributions from Gibson in an interview with one of the Belizean media outlets. Somehow this transparency is being taken as a bad thing in Belize. While it is not required by law for politicians to disclose campaign contribution, Huang has taken the high road and chose to keep everything out in the open with his constituents. After careful scrutiny, BNN has determined that the majority of these accusations being made against Huang and Gibson are coming from PUP supporters and media. Channel 5 News is owned and loyal to the PUP, Peoples United Party, and most of the political news that comes from that station is one sided and skewed in favor of the PUP. Another propaganda machine for the PUP is the so called BELIZE TIMES @ http://www.belizetimes.bz. This so called media outlet masquerades as a genuine online newspaper but is obviously a propaganda machine. Propaganda was heavily used by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during the Second World War and proved very effective in brain washing an entire country. It has surface that one of the reasons for the unprecedented attack on Huang is that the PUP now feels threatened in that constituency. Huang has been touted as the one that can unseat the elected PUP rep, Julias Espat and that he is the one behind these attacks and is trying to discredit Huang before he has a chance to run in the federal election. Some of the comments made on the articles by the so called media in Belize also give us a clue to the motivation behind these unfounded accusation. The following was posted on the Love FM radio News Site regarding and article on Huang and Gibson which shows a level of misunderstanding and even go as far as being racist. Comments and opinion like this should be disregarded and do more harm to the beautiful people of Belize than they do good. http://lovefm.com/huang-and-gibson-go-viral-on-the-www