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Lord Neil Gibson Enlists Partnership With Venetian Enrico

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson and his associated companies are pleased and excited to announce their partnership with Venetian Enrico.  This partnership brings about a new level to the associated development and real estate projects that Gibson is embarking, and will solidify an existing gap with regards to interior design of[…]

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Lord Neil Gibson Congratulates Kristen T Gibson

Lord Neil B Gibson congratulates Kristen T Gibson on her graduation from Thousand Oaks High School, as well as her scholarship to Sweet Briar College. Kristen plans on studying animal psychology for horses with trauma.

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Lord Neil Gibson’s Business Expansion

Lord Neil Gibson’s Business Expansion   Lord Neil Gibson continues the ongoing expansion of his business empire worldwide with the launch of the Dubai offices of LNBG LLC and SFBBL IF in order to secure an advantage with regards to monetary transactions and lending in the Arab regions.  Gibson has[…]

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Looking forward and looking up to 2017

Looking forward and looking up to 2017 As a successful investor and businessman, Lord Nell Benjamin Gibson has always followed the motto: life is best lived looking forward and looking up. At heart, he is an entrepreneur who is passionate about creating new companies, and instead of just sitting back[…]

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Lord Neil Gibson

Owners of OKKU Dubai winners of food awards. Also former Ambassador to UAE Micheal Corbin.

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